Who Hires Editors?

Many individuals and organizations find the need to hire a professional editor or proofreader when they desire a high-quality product. Are you on this list?

Business / Association / Nonprofit / College:
Businesses and other organizations create a variety of marketing materials and publications to reach their internal and external audiences. Competition is fierce, and to stand out from the others you must present an aura of excellence. An editor with knowledge of your industry will help ensure that you are attracting and captivating exactly the right people.

Publisher / Printer:
You receive manuscripts or texts for a variety of publications. Before you stamp your name on the product, you will want a professional editor to review it and upgrade it to the quality standards you strive to maintain in your business.

Book Author / Freelance Writer:
You had an idea for a story or book that no one else could have concocted. You’ve done the research, used your creativity to produce an entertaining and informative text, and spent more time on it than anyone would ever know. Now you need a fresh set of eyes to professionally review your creation and improve your chances of acceptance before you submit it for publication.

Graphic Designer / Website Designer:
You may be creating print or electronic marketing materials for a client and see that the text they provided is not at its best. Realizing that some businesses do not have a professional writer on staff, you know a freelance editor or proofreader will be able to improve it so the end product becomes more valuable.

Job Seeker:
You need a wordsmith to rework your current resume and make sure you are selling your skills appropriately, especially if you are reinventing yourself and switching careers. Fluff doesn’t sell you; truth sells you. Be honest on paper and the right employer will find you.