Vera with author Charlotte Jones

  • Charlotte Johnson Jones.  Edited the book Eldercare Is Making Me Fat, a humorous look at a serious issue—caring for aging parents.
  • Brian Fischer.  Edited the book Exiting the Matrix: How Conventional Wisdom Is Ruining Your Financial Future, which provides nontraditional financial advice from the president of Fischer Financial Group.
  • Jackie Richards.  Edited the book The Pinnacle Seven, a political mystery novel full of murder and mayhem in a small town, written by a community activist.
  • Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Wrote and coordinated photography for a coffee table book called The Fredericksburg Region: A Leader in Virginia and a Community Profile for the Membership Directory.
  • M & S Center for the Performing Arts.  Wrote and designed a school catalog about dance, voice, and acting classes for owners Mykal and Sabine Kvenberg.
  • ASCD Books.  Performed editing or proofreading for these and other book titles: Qualities of Effective Teachers and Qualities of Effective Principals by James Stronge, Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, and Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students’ Cultural Strengths by Carrie Rothstein-Fisch and Elise Trumbull.
  • Halstead, Inc.  Edited the book My Boss Sucks: A Storybook and Survival Guide, written by Bryant Halstead and Anne Byrd, founders of this leadership development company.
  • Adam Reissner.  Edited a portion of this cancer survivor’s book, Conquer Cancer, and provided a detailed critique with suggestions.
  • Gold Leaf Marketing.  Wrote and designed a book called America! Something to Celebrate for an educational project related to the state quarters.
  • Rappahannock United Way.  Wrote a marketing booklet about aid provided by member agencies for the annual fundraising campaign.
  • University of Mary WashingtonConducted comparative research on student publications in other universities.
  • Germanna Community CollegeContributed writing about the school and alumna for its 30-year anniversary view book.
  • G. Paul Martin.  Wrote a personal profile for this singer/songwriter’s website following the release of his inspirational CD, Making Me Whole