Books edited by Vera Pastore

Protecting Reputations

The finished product involves many people.

Word Choreography, LLC performs editing and proofreading services—two similar but different tasks.  An editor’s job is to protect the writer’s reputation by making improvements without altering the writer’s voice. A proofreader’s job is to protect the reputations of the writer, editor, and publisher by closing up all the loose ends. So while the editor focuses on the writing, the proofreader focuses on perfecting the overall appearance of the final product.


Making an impact.

Editing takes place before the text is submitted to a printer or publisher. The task of editing ranges from simply repositioning a comma to restructuring or rewriting text. Words or phrases may need to be moved, removed, or revised. Sentences may need to be rearranged within a paragraph, and paragraphs may need to be rearranged within a section. Information from one section may need to be moved to a different section. Transitions must be smooth, sentence lengths must be varied, and monotonous repetition must be avoided. It’s all about making an impact on a well-defined audience.


Requires an eagle-eye.

Proofreading takes place after the text has been typeset. It consists of an eagle-eye final read-through to correct anything that may have been overlooked in the editing process. It can involve identifying glitches that occur when text is manipulated from one software or hardware format to another. Proofreading also includes reviewing technical matters such as line breaks, page breaks, spacing, alignment, and any type of formatting that contributes to appearance. More than one set of proofs may be necessary before being cleared for printing.