New Program

Meet with a writing expert!

I am a writing and editing consultant and I am excited to announce a new FREE program to help you improve your writing:

Writing Triage: Quick Fixes in 30 Minutes or Less!

This two-hour program will be offered once a month in limited locations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York City. It’s an opportunity to receive a 30-minute review of your resume or any type of writing project in a one-on-one session!

TO REGISTER: Please email me to inquire about future program dates and locations.

Improve Your Projects

Hire me for higher quality.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer! So if you are creating a document or book of any size, enjoy the process of getting your thoughts down on paper, do your best, and then hire an editor to polish it into a professional text. I have enjoyed writing professionally for many years and love editing the work of others, so I can help you.

Whether you are writing a book about natural healing, a speech to deliver at a leadership conference, a sales letter announcing a new product, or a procedures manual written by several employees, I can improve it. Allow me to edit or proofread your work before it is printed. I handle all projects with complete confidentiality.

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The ABCs of Writing

Guidelines to help you.

Consider these important guidelines as you begin your writing project. As a writer, you are assuming the position of an expert—someone who has the authority to convey specific subject matter to a specific audience. Since the written word lasts forever, it becomes a responsibility. So if you are writing anything other than a grocery list, it is important to know the ABCs of writing—Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.  Read more.